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The Association of Parents of 

Notre-Dame-Du-Lac School

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our mission

The Association of Parents of Notre-Dame du Lac (APENDL) school is governed by the present statutes and by article 60 following the Swiss Civil Code. It is independent both politically and religiously, while taking into account the denominational nature of the Institute.


The purpose of the Association is, in particular,


  • To establish collaboration with the school administration and the teaching staff in order to develop good conditions for education at the Institute, and to promote all school and extracurricular activities.​

  • Ensure a link between the parents (or the legal representatives of the students) and the Notre-Dame du Lac Institute.

  • The Association completely adheres to the goals and spirit of the school, being most notably the French education and Christian values.

  • The Association is entirely financed by the membership fees, donations and by fund raising events.

  • The membership fee is fixed at the AGM.

  • Payment of one membership fee per family is requested.

Members secure access space

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APENDL believes fundamentally in solid team-work. APENDL is looking to form its new committee for 2021 - 2022. Would you like to help? APENDL need parents who are happy to commit a significant amount of time, energy and skills into helping us deliver on new goals. We have a very busy agenda outlined! We are looking for parents who have skills in:

  • Journalism / communication / copy editor

  • PR / marketing

  • Accounting/ financial

  • Legal

  • Events management and planning

  • Capital raising / fund raising/ philanthropy

  • Photography /digital media / video production

  • Digital technology

  • Sport

  • Music

How to join the APENDL committee? Please send us an email to contact@apendl.ch

Do feel free to send us your CV or LinkedIn Profile! We look forward to hearing from you.